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Quality Service by Quality Staff

Bartenders * Bar-Backs * Shot Girls * Bottle Service Personnel   

* Cocktail Wait Staff * Kitchen Staff *

Plush bar staff delivers friendly, efficient customer service, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all of our clients. Each staff member is licensed, T.I.P certified and adequately trained in all areas of their department. It is important that each member is able to step in an assist where needed during any event. Plush bar staff has received extensive training and specialize in perfecting both common and more complex mixed beverages, both alcohol and non alcohol, and is also able to advice in proper pairing of food and wine. By mastering the art and craft of bar tending, our bar staff are capable of providing extraordinary service to your event.

Coat Check * Door Attendants * Security

With our extensive database, in addition to Bar Staffing, Plush also offers services to maintain and organize the atmosphere of your event. We provide the needed extra staff to enhance the quality of your event. We go above and beyond the scope of duty to make sure all guests are comfortable and enjoying your event and the client has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Beverage Consultant * Events Coordinator * Captain

Plush offers management and assistant services to guarantee a pleasant and successful event. With our keen attention to detail, and phenomenal work ethic, Plush staff will maintain professionalism while adhering to the guidelines of your event and directing staff to ensure proper service. Our Management team has several years of experience as it pertains to every aspect of business relations, bar, entertainment and customer service.

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